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  1. Hey fellows, I'm back with a progress report. You've helped me a lot. I soldered a new transistor on the conductor board. Even with my limited soldering skills, I have been successful and my fan (original one, overvolted) is working properly again. Now I'm designing fan ducts for the two new fans. When I'm finished and I've mounted both fans, I will report my progress. Big thanks to all of you!!
  2. And what about using a 24V fan...? (respectively two 24V fans each 0.095A) so overvolting cannot happen Let me summarize: If I understand you right, I just have to replace that transistor Q4, check my connections for shortcuts, replace the broken fan and I don't need an additional flyback diode. Is that correct? And by the way: Thank you all for the awesome help!!
  3. Hallo, ich wollte euch nur informieren, dass es bei mir beim Anbringen eines zweiten Lüfters anscheinend einen Transistor zerschossen hat (und den Lüfter hinterher). Hier geht es zur Diskussion: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4991-installation-of-second-fan-went-wrong-um1-need-help/
  4. As I wrote before, the fan I bought has 0.09 A and 12 V and the original Ultimaker fan has 0.10 A and 12 V.
  5. Thank you very much, IRobertI and anon4321! When I have collected everything I need, I'll give it a try to solder a new transistor. I will keep you up-to-date. However, one question remains to me: What went wrong or what did I wrong and will it happen again? Or was the fan I bought just junk?
  6. Hello guys, I need your help. I'm not very well versed in electronics. I wanted to install a second fan on the right side of the printhead of my Ultimaker1. I bought the fan (50x50x10 mm, 12 V, 0.09 A) and a y-cable on ebay for connecting both fans to the same pin, that one for the printhead fan. I thought this should be no problem to have both fans in a parallel circuit. And it worked very well, while printing the fanduct for the right fan (fan was connected, but not mounted on the printhead). After that, I assembled everything completely and I was going to print a Ultibot to check the print quality, when my printer shut down suddenly at half of the print. A strange smell diffused and announced the disaster. I was afraid that I blew up my electronics. Nothing happend when turning the power switch on and off. Not yet sure why, but after a while my Ultimaker was working again in an other plug socket. Now the strange thing is that the left fan is always working and always on full speed. I can't control it with the UltiController nor the gcode regulates it while printing. Meanwhile I identified that the bad smell was caused by the right fan, which had a shortcut or was overheating or something else (I don't know). Has anybody an idea how to get my UM working properly again (in the best case with two fans) or how to identify what's wrong? I'm deeply grateful for every tip! Thank you in advance, Eddie
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