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  1. Hey Owen, Thanks for your response!! First thing in the morning I'll be trying these new settings out. I have litrally just tested 110 HBP and 140 nozzle with prit stick +tape (glue) and already prints have improved. I will let you know the out come... Thanks again Owen! Scott
  2. Hi All, Wondering if anyone can help me here. I keep getting Layering issues (especially at the start of a print) and also issues with the part sticking to the platform. I have: 1. A Heated bed platform heated to 130 (usual 110 but using ABS so advised to go higher). 2. Using ABS thus advised to extruder temp to go to 230 (I have tried 240 and 250 - result are too hot and structure fail at 250) 3. Closed environment. Though it is makeshift the whole unit is sealed when printing to stop any heat loss or draft. 4. I am using ReplicatorG. When generating GCode I use Raft, default start/end gcode, 10% fill (tried 5 and 20), Layer height of .27 (Have also tried 0.20), shells 1, Feed rate 40mm/s (tried 30mm/s too), feed rate 55 (tried 30 and 80), print temp of 220 (tried 210/230/240/250). 5. I have even had several attempts at re leveling the platform. STILL get both layering issues and objects that dont stick (yeah I tried hair spray and sometimes it works) Any advice would be gratefully received The model is off of thingiverse Thanks! scott
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