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  1. @gr5 Thanks for that link. Didn't really know what to search for when researching my problem so I missed that post. Very interesting experiments. I will try out the fan on at the beginning and a few other options like slowing down the speed a bit on the next print and report back.
  2. Attached is a couple photos of my current piece I am trying to print. I am trying to print the heart shaped gears with not awesome results. Haven't let it finish as the print is not coming out well. As you can see, the outside of the gears has some gnarly peeling effect causing bumps to form which I doubt will make the gears work smoothly. The infill has a good amount of stringing but I am not too worried about that, just figured I would show it if that helps diagnose the problem. Settings are the default medium settings in cura and I am trying to print the whole part in one go. The only thing I changed was the nozzle temp as I was not getting good adhesion to the base plate otherwise. Had temp at 230C but I think I should have dialed it back down once I was able to get a couple good layers down. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Layer height 0.1mm print speed 50mm/s nozzle size 0.4mm travel speed 150mm/s minimal layer time 5s
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