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  1. So what I really want to know is that : Is it worth to go for the Ultimaker 2 if we take in consideration that it has to be shipped from Europe = more difficult for support and 2 months longer lead time AND for the fact of having to buy separate filament for both of my printers?
  2. I would like to know if is it possible to know the name of the main or the name of the group if there is one of the designers that designed the Ultimaker 2 (Mostly the esthetic part) Thanks
  3. Personnaly , I really want a fully assembled and ready to use printer , a very reliable one , that has a build volume of minimum 200x200x200 . Dual extrusion is an advantage but it's not really what i'm aiming for with 3d printing for the moment.
  4. And is it possible to use 1.75mm filament with the Ultimaker, because having to use 1.75mm + 2.85mm filament at the same time (two different printers) would be quite an Issue or it's something that is worth just to have the UM2?
  5. Hi, I need help from someone who knows something about 3d printing: First I have a Qu-bd Two-up but i'm already planning to buy another printer and I hesitate alot on which one to take between the Ultimaker 2 and the Replicator 2X (I live in Canada) Ultimaker advantages: - 3 times faster (300 mm/s vs 90mm/s) - more precision (20 microns vs 100 microns) - more possibilities of material (3415,50$ CAD including taxes and shipping) Replicator 2X advantages: - Fiability - There is a store near where I live that I can buy it there and ask for assistance - same filament use (1.75mm) than my Two-up - 150$ less (3277,50$ CAD including taxes) I would like to know your thoughts and if someone has an advice for me it would be nice.
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