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  1. Hi Mr/Ms Yellowshark What you describe in your reply to my topic is exactly the same approach I followed. Models are exactly the same size as well in Cura as in Solidworks. Even if I let the models overlap in Cura, they seem to be the same visualy... I'll try to de-parametrize the files, export them in different format, import them again in SW and create new STL. Hope it behaves better then. Keep you posted. Hugo.
  2. Hi, In Solidworks I designed a housing, consisting of two identical mirrored parts. I printed them together (All at once and on at a time) and I printed them separately. Every time one print comes out 10% bigger than the other one. However, the parts are identical in Soldiworks and they 'seem' identical in Cura. As a test I printed a 10x10x10 cube the same way: no problems occurred and dimensions are ok. Any clues how this scaled housing problem can be solved? Thanks!
  3. Hi Didier, Pics have been uploaded now. I also forgot to mention we covered the printer with a box (seller's advisory). thanks
  4. Hi, Today we printed our first ever ABS models. We positioned 8 small cilinders on the baseplate and started printing. The parts look great, but all break in the same layer however. So that is at the same building height. Furthermore some bridge looking threads of overheated filament keeps popping out of the sides of the models. I attached some pics as well as the settings we used. In the printer we chafed material from PLA to ABS of course. We did not tune anything else. Pics: Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  5. @gr5: thanks for your prompt reply, I'm sure it'll help me a lot! Let's rebuild it! H.
  6. Thanks Dkaygee! All feedforward is very much appreciated as we're absolute new bees... H.
  7. Hi, As I am really new to this form and Ultimaker in specific, I'm doing the wrong things with a good tool. We started to work with Ultimaker only 2 days ago and we encounter problems as you can see in our gallery. Poor wall quality in a 2mm wall thickness product. Poor outside surface quality. Shifted ribs on the inside (though we're talking ga mirrored product here!) Bridging in the top of the housing parts is not looking good either. Am I overlooking the possibility to tune the area where bridging takes place? Please be so kind as to have a look at the settings we used and the very first printing results of my life I was able to generate. On print start-up I pressed TUNE and changed fan speed to 100%, Bed temperature to 60°C and nozzle temp to 200°C. Where can we improve? Thanks!
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