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  1. Thank you for your help, but don't be frustrated, gr5! I'll post pictures sooner or later. To do so I have to print an object with missing layers, and I have no time to print something unuseful at this moment. The wall thickness on the models with missing layers is 1.6 millimeters or more. I'm a professional industrial designer, so my STLs (copyrighted) are really ok, they print fine using another printer and another software. They also work fine on a 5 axis CNC robot. I found really interesting your answer to selmo : maybe you have found the cause of my problem, too. I'll try a different STL face resolution and see what happens.
  2. I tryed changing the scale of the object in Cura : the missing layers "move" on the printed object, but no way to make them disappear. One more try I did is to rotate the object 90 degrees : in this case the layers are apparently not missing in the print although they're missing in Cura's layers view. That sounds strange : it's not a problem with the model to print, maybe something else? It's quite strange that this problem regards different objects and not only one. @gr5: the shell thickness parameter is set at 0.8mm that is twice the size of the nozzle diameter. Increasing this parameter do not solve the problem! @selmo : we have the same problem as I can read in your post. If you find a solution, let me know, I'll do the same.
  3. @gr5 : the wall is 0.8 but I have the infill, I tried also "solid" with 100% infill : same result. I'll try with "fix horrible" tip..I'll be back with news. Thank you, for the moment.
  4. I'm sure the model(s) are watertight, because I checked them many times and they were used for other purposes, so I can't understand were the problem is. I checked the xray view : it's all ok. But when I look at "layers view" some layers (1 or 2) are missing and there is correspondance with the layers missing in the print. I will do some photos and post them. In the meanwhile, if anyone experienced the same problem let me know. I'm looking for a solution. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have this issue : when I print with my Ultimaker 2 I have some missing layers on the printed object, and the same is for the "layer view" inside cura, but the 3d model and the related mesh are perfect and watertight. In the normal view into Cura everithing is ok, but this problem ruins the prints. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  6. Thank you, that's good news. Going to print the new feeder. Where do you buy the hex head screws?
  7. Thanks alot, guys! :-P Now...does anyone knows hot to retain the feeder motor to prevent its fall into the case of the prineter? any tips??
  8. Hello, I have the same issues with my stock feeder and I'm looking to print the ones shown on this pages, but I could not find the source or a link to download, can you help me, please? thanks in advance.
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