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  1. thx for those advices. I will finish my print with 230°C. The diameter is 2.94 2.92 Speed is 100mm/s Speed is ok i guess.
  2. Hi, Got a problem on UM2 with bad prints (holes) as you can see on this pic : https://www.dropbox.com/s/21cw7h9iqa11dah/20140512_121226.jpg It seems that there are some very little holes happening during the print. it is not filled 100%. PLA 210 / 75 Filament 3mm Fan speed 100% Layer 0.1mm Thx for help !
  3. Hi, Here is a video about 3mm on UM2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/utonmgx4maalsde/20140512_121312.mp4 What setting would you recomend to prevent the "turn back" at the back, because it can damage filament and get stuck, then no extrusion anymore :( What settings would be ok ? Best regards, thx for help !
  4. Thx, where about in Cura do you change this ? cant see thos options even in expert settings (maybe they are called differenty)
  5. Fan speed already at 100 /// cant do more for layer height... i like it at 100um increasing the thickness of the solid top fill => how do you this ? this might be the only solution :( thx for help
  6. Thx a lot.... !!! I will try this !
  7. Hi Guys, I got a problem on the tops of my prints... some holes and bad "finish". I tried to print same models files on others printers (other brand) and no problem. Any ideas ? Please see pic attached. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjame4ory1u67gc/20140505_114527.jpg Thx a lot.
  8. Good Thx a lot, will try this
  9. Hi all, Got a problem on UM2, with axis as you can see on the video :( https://www.dropbox.com/s/8madtf32r1lk4ku/20140502_172655.mp4 Axis are reacting strange and out of the outfit. Got any idea ? Found no info on internet. Thx !
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