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  1. Thanks everybody for the suggestions! I have an original Ultimaker. There are belt tensioners on the x-axis but not the y-axis (can't get them installed). I did the following (all at once without an attempt to be scientific): Attempted to install belt tensioners Checked that all the set screws tight. Reset the E steps back to the default value Reset my Cura configuration Played with infill overlap and ended up at 16% The end result is I have a much better result. I am going to try and print up a better belt tensioner now and see if that helps. Again, thanks for all of the suggest
  2. I recently have started seeing a problem where my infill does not overlap with the shell, so layers never bond and the shells peel off easily. The gap seems to be bigger on the backside of an object and the head never makes it all the way to the shell. In the picture below the Infill Overlap % is 17% on the left and 20% on the right. I believe this started happening after my recent round of calibration. I calibrated the X/Y/E steps and squared the axes. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks!
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