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  1. I have upgraded the firmware previously using the Cura prompts. I've used a multimeter to check the connections and they're fine from the motherbd to both the heatbed and the temp sensor. I even re-soldered the bed connections. The temp sensor still measures about 104 ohms and between the heatbed solder connections, it measures 4.2 ohms while disconnected. The problem remains, I can print using the default Cura firmware up to version 15 as long as I don't mention I have a heated bed. As soon as I install firmware with the heated bed, it installs normally and the display shows the additional heatbed bed temperture measurement, but it immediately displays the "ERR: MAXTEMP BED". Cura 2.1 always crashes on my old laptop. I tried installing the non-heated bed firmware then swapping the nozzle wire pair with the heated bed wire pair on the motherbd. I could control the display, I didn't get any heat or any flashing of the LED on the transistors. I don't know how to test the power supply under load, but it works to heat the printhead anyway. The Ultimaker was working just 2 weeks ago, until I accidentally upgraded it with the Cura 2.1 using another, better laptop, with the heated bed KIT firmware. I'm getting ready to order a replacement MK2B Dual Power bed as I don't know what else the problem could be. I'm also getting tired of spending so much time to troubleshoot such a crude software, but I would still appreciate any feedback from the community, thanks.
  2. Just to be sure: You are talking about the "Heated Bed Kit", made by Ultimaker (with a PT100 temperature sensor) - or something different? If your heated bed uses a different temperature sensor... mmmh... that would explain the error message you get... Which firmware version was installed before? If you re-install the former firmware - everything is working? I have the reprapdiscount.com PCB Heatbed MK2B dual power bed. I measured the temp sensor and it was 89 ohms, I guess that's ok. I did get a bit further in the troubleshooting though. Prompted by your suggestion, I re-installed Cura 13.12 and the MAX TEMP BED went away! As I tried other more recent SW's, I noticed they all failed with the MAX TEMP BED error as soon as I gave the heated bed option when installing the firmware. But without selecting the Headed Bed option (self-built), it would work but then I couldn't use the headed bed. Apparently I ready do have a heated bed problem. I'll try to trace the bed wires all the way back to the motherboard next. This is only a hobby though and it may be several days. There's not so much I can think of testing though. I can trace the wires and maybe try resoldering the connections.
  3. Hello neotko, Although I found a possible faulty temp sensor on the heated extrusion head, which will take a while to order and replace, I'm still wondering if that was the problem. I'm getting a MAXTEMP BED error, which implies the BED and not the head. But you're calling it a bed kit implying Ultimaker calls the heated head assembly a bedkit? Do you know if there's a difference between a simple MAXTEMP error and a MAXTEMP BED error? I just want to know if I should continue troubleshooting to avoid disappointment when I replace the temp sensor on the head.
  4. I took the heat sensor cable off the head and the metal sleeve was loose. Could this be the problem or do you know if they can they work like that? I finally noticed that you're the one deserving my thanks! So thank you for your help!
  5. Thank you Dim3nsioneer for such a prompt response! As you suggested, I tried an older Cura and it upgraded the ultimaker Original firmware as usual. The display is working again too! That's great news. So thank you already! Now I'm still getting a MAXTEMP BED error when I turn on the ultimaker or when I try to open communication. I've checked the wiring all the way to the motherboard and it's fine. So I'm still suspecting I have the wrong firmware, which is the only thing that has changed. Admittedly, I'm not sure what I have, an Original or Original plus. But I do have a plainplain heated bed from a kit that's been working for the last year or more. I will take your word that I have an Original Ultimaker according to the motherboard version. I know why I thought I had an UMO+, when I installed the heated bed, I was told I could use ABS as well, and when I looked for the difference, an UMO+ will do that, but you must be right again, it must be an UMO. Frankly I'm a bit afraid to try anything at the moment for fear of losing the display again. I used Cura 15.01 to get it going, but I'm going to upgrade the firmware again with Cura 15.04.6 next to see if I get any better results. Thanks again Dim3nsioneer!
  6. I have a similar problem on my Ultimaker original + with a heated bed. It was working fine until I wanted to relevel the bed. After updating Cura, I was prompted to update the firmware, which I did with the Ultimaker Origianl + firmware. Then nothing worked after that. It still has power but the display is blank and Cura will not communicate with the Ultimaker anymore. I'm not familiar with reflashing or installing the boot loader on the Ultimaker version 1.5.7 board, which I'm only guessing, I have to do. Can anyone please give me a clue where to start? I need to get the Arduino to start talking again.
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