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  1. Is it possible to upgrade from UM2 to UM2+ and what is involved in the way of parts and firmware? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know what is wrong with the feeder on my UM2? It pushes through some material and then looses grip and slips so it generates a knocking noise.
  3. Hi all, I have just bought an Ultimaker 2, dipping my toe into the waters of 3D printing and having lots of problems. The first and main problem is warping. Anything of any size that I build seems to warp. Currently we are using ABS (supplied by Ultimaker) and I'm printing the stacking cup that comes on the SD card. I changed the material selection to ABS (but not the settings). I have not changed any other settings. I cleaned (with water) and dried the build plate and rubbed it with the glue stick (when cool with just a light even rub). The bed height was calibrated using the normal procedure just before the build. The room temperature is a nice even 20deg C. Butt after doing this the part is lifting all around the edge so now it is only stuck down in the middle of the cup and it might not make a very safe cup. Another print warped like a banana again at the bottom in ABS. It seem like it stick down nice for the first couple of mm's but then when it gets higher it starts to pull-up around the edge. Please do you have any ideas what is going wrong or what I can do about it? Thanks Ian
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