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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the advice so far but it just gets worse till now, as i said i already exchanged the nozzle and tested the extruder grip and so on. I come close to the fact that something in the hot end gets in my way of the printing like there is something in the aluminum part / the tube in that thing. How can I clean that stuff? I tried: http://www.fablab-regensburg.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Ultimaker-2-Nozzle.pdf But that made it more difficult - before I did anything i got this problem after an estimated 3 or 4hours now i get it during the first layer. =( Any help?
  2. HI everyone, it has been a while since my last post and after i got my spare parts things went well. I printed some small things pretty well. Now i wanted to print a bigger thing. It started well but after 3 or 4 hours the filament just stops to flow through the nozzle. I print white innofil PLA on 220° C. The troubleshooting i tried by myself: -Heating up the printer and forcing bigger amounts of filament through by hand and extruder motor. -Exchanging the Nozzle -Printing with 210/225* C I also found out that in first place my extruder motor, but the other motors as well get extremly hot, the x/y motors not that hot but the extruder motor makes a PLA-Strip soft while touching. My questions are: Did anyone have a similar problem and/or knows a solution? Is there any way to improve the force the feeder "grabs" the filament? Could it be the filament quality? ---> Pictures in the first comment
  3. While reading this post i felt like I have a missing twin in Florida. All this is exactly what i was thinking. How are you supposed to set up an fixed system how can u change the direction of something that is fixed build in. I'm currently not in reach for my printer to try your solution but it will be the first thing I´ll do as soon as i get home :DDD I realy hope this will get the job done. ;DDD
  4. 2nd try: Slightly better, i guess the "bubbles" can be dealt with by thicken the top layer? This print was at 40mm/s and 210° Regarding your question what is defined as stable i once saw the temperature drop below 200 but normally its 210 +/- 5° i would say. thanks for everybodys help so far.
  5. Hey guys, thank u already. I´m printing with custom settings on the latest Cura version and the latest firmware. The print speed is 50mm/s and the temperature is 220° i´ll lower that a bit... I also think its the pulleys, but I dont get rly how to tighten them or to loosen them either the video is a diffrent( maybe older?) version or i´m beeing stupid. I will now start another try after tightening (and in case of motors i mean TIGHT) the Y-motor. Can they be too tight? If so i got them probaply too tight. But this is the only way to get the print head moving I think due to the fact that it´s relly more difficult to move the extrusion head (espacially on the Y-axis). I also read that they need to be parallel hw can i change their direction - the position of the axis is locked anyway isn´t it? One last thing which i thinks is solved kinda sloppy is the left back stopper thingy which cables almost directly lead into the y-motor is there any way to improve that?. Thanks again and ill tell you about the next result soon ;D
  6. Hi everyone, I just finished my first print and even if u get what it should be it´s not really nice yet. I would aprecciate some knowledge of you guys what I should do different. Is there an easy way to tell u my preferences? I will attach a picture in the first reply (Seems I have to upload it first) Thanks in advance Red
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