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  1. I am looking for a vendor, or individual in the bay area willing to sell me some 2.85 mm PLA. On Monday June 2nd, 2015. Please let me know if you have any ideas. All of the vendors online that sell PLA cant ship to the USA by Monday -Rich
  2. Mod, thanks again for the response. I have an upcoming trade show and am using the UM2 to drive booth traffic. I wanted some back up filament and need it ASAP. Since the UM Filament will ship from UK and I need it Monday that wont work. Any other vendors you'd recommend where the size is actually between the 2.85-2.90 mm?
  3. I am in San Francisco, CA
  4. Can the UM2 take a different size of filament? I know currently I am using 2.85mm filament and want to look at different colors and sizes, is there a min/max I should keep front of mind? Thanks for all the help guys -Rich
  5. Here is a picture, http://imgur.com/Z6VokQg Update: Just got it out, had to take the nozzle piece off and clean it gently by hand... the filament still isn't coming through properly without a little hand force
  6. There is a VERY large PLA clot, I can see it once i took apart the machine, any thoughts?
  7. Celso, Thank you very much for the detailed response! I will give it a try, I am having a little bit of material come out then it seems to stop flowing... I am not sure if there is a way to counter act this. Is the bolt in the back to tight limiting material flow? Let me know if you have any quick fixes for this, I am going to head to a local store and get a sewing needle.
  8. Thanks Mod, I'll give it a try.
  9. I have been using my 1 week old Ultimaker2 and having few issues around material feed, but this morning when going to print I am getting nothing. Previously I have just put the temp up to 260C and had no issues. Right now I am running a print job at 260C... 5 minutes in still no material coming out. I have some project deadlines I am coming up on. Anything will help
  10. I have removed the piece of glass and placed it in the freezer, I did not have an object that would fit under to pop it off... I am going to chill the glass and get it off...
  11. Thanks for the tip, it was about 1hr ago. I will wait a little longer and go give a try. I laid down a think layer of Glue like i was instructed, so I didn't place it directly on the glass.
  12. Hello, I built a "Stacking Cup" with my Ultimaker2 using PLA as the material. After 3+ hrs it was finished but now is stuck to my glass building platform, are there any tips to get it out without damaging the platform? Less concerned about the cup... I appreciate all of your help. -Rich EDIT: Some Grammar, not all
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