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  1. If you look at the stuff I print at mrdesignworx.com you will understand what I need.
  2. Im not changing nozzle size just want to remove the fans so I can fit more on at once
  3. Hey All. I primarily do multiple object production prints where Im printing several objects at a time one at a time. I always print in ABS for the strength, temperature stability and flex so the side fans aren't used. Printing this was I am limited to how many objects I can print at once because of the clearance needed for those fans. Has anyone tried removing them and updating the printer settings for the new head dimensions? if so, what are they? Thanks!
  4. I was totally a slightly loose hex. All fixed now. thanks Illuminarti
  5. The test robot didn't print tilted but the cup does and a nexus 7 holder also printed tilted. How do I fix this?
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