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  1. I did not solve this, it is better now (dont know why) but far from perfection :(
  2. Is there any reason to use acetone-abs or glue when I dont have any problems with adhesion? My prints are sticking on the glass just fine now. I found my old note with test settings which I used for few abs prints which come out just fine: 255 print temp 115 bed temp 80mm/s what is weird I cant print with these setting now (month or two ago)! I will try slower speed but when 80mm/s worked few weeks ago,... Thanks anyway.
  3. As I write above I print with these setting earlier but I will try mess with temperature. again:( Diameter was fine but will check that too. Can there be an a issue with extruder screw(too much pressure on filament)?
  4. ok it seams that no one wants to help me;) but one update - when printing with cura default high quality setting (probably 0,1mm layer) print is ok BUT when try normal or fast settings it is happening. after first 2or3 layer is starts to print into the air! WHY?!
  5. I printed these hearts in series about 30 hours straight from PLA without problem, now I switched to ABS and same issue, first three layers are good and then... Any idea what it can be? Recommended settings for ABS?
  6. Printed on 230C and 30mm/s and same issue but on higher layer, now it is probably sixth layer. Anyway I printed cute octopus from thingiverse about week ago with 240C, 80mm/s and 0,1mm layer without any problem and now Iam not able print with same settings? :(
  7. I will look on that in the morning:) Thanks for now. btw do you have fan on or off? bed temperature?
  8. Yes sure. I just tried print customized vase from thingiverse. I think main problem is that I dont know "right" settings for ABS print:) Here you go.
  9. Iam not sure if I understand correctly. Iam using white filament and printed parts are white not yellow, that slightly yellow parts all over the place and in the middle are because my layer "cracked" and hot end burn them on contact.
  10. Hi guys, I have huge problem with ABS printing. My settings are: 0,2 layer height 80 print speed 240 print temperature (I tried temperatures from 240 to 260) 100 bed temperature First layer is printed great, adhere to glass just fine (Iam using glue and water mixture), on second layer walls start cracking (they are more "white", they are cooler? I dont know what Iam looking at! :( ) but infill is just fine, huge problem comes with third or fourth layer where even infill is cracking. I dont know what Iam looking at so I cant diagnostic the problem :( I tried fan on (about 30%) and off
  11. @Antiklesys nozzle is about one paper height from printing plate - it should be ok. thanks
  12. no problem with moving printhead by hand, filament goes inside smoothly and I can extrude just by turning the gear. Currently printing on 240 as gr5 suggested, it seems I have best results with this temperature. Anyway in a few days I will replace some parts on printer, then I will update. Thanks a lot.
  13. I was out of town, sorry :/ I dont remember exact e-step value but extruded filament was about 2mm shorter. I also adjusted one short and two long belts because they was loose. Top layer is still not solid but gaps are closer together. I will probably try adjust belts more. I still dont understand why are botton layers solid but not the top ones:) EDIT: I printed belt tensioners for all long belts
  14. ok, so I did e-step calibration and adjusted short/long belts and it is much better still not perfect but,... Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi, thanks:) Iam using latest Cura, 100% flow and 2.9 diameter setting which is my average diameter when Iam measuring it. As I wrote above, I tried temperatures from 190C to 240C and result was the same. Temperature is pretty much steady sometime it is -+ 5C. Printer is calibrated except E-Stem. I will try that.
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