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  1. Please I just need a minute of advice from someone who is more experienced than me
  2. Now I figured out how to link to pictures I am getting stranded poor printing on the top and bottom. I have included links to two examples. Any ideas what this is? I am still using the original blue PLA supplied by Ultimaker. Earlier prints were good. This is printed on an Ultimaker 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffe5xo5nd9dwfmx/photo%202.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhl8bjbgl7r2bmd/photo%201.JPG?dl=0
  3. I pasted pictures in but that didn't work. How do I include my pics?
  4. I leveled the bed. it helps a little. When I print the cal part included on the SD card i get stranded surfaces top and bottom. I am including pictures to make it clearer This is the bottom
  5. The bottom surface of my parts has changed. The first parts I printed were pretty smooth and almost glossy. Now, even when I print the same files, I can see the individual beads of plastic and it looks more like woven fabric. Any ideas on what changed or is going wrong?
  6. Even when I tried that it didn't work. I managed to clean the original Bowdn tube and used that and now printing is fine again. Thank you for your invaluable help. I despaired for a while but with help I resolved this issue.
  7. I meant that after the filament has reached the nozzle (or close) it starts making noise and jerking. No material is extruded. I assume it isn't going into the white teflon part???? My old Bowden tube got a lot of melted PLA in the first 1-2 inches. I couldn't clean it out. I bought 10' of PTFE tubing on Amazon 1/4" OD and 1/8" ID. Any ideas?
  8. I am making progress but have a new problem. Using the atomic method I got the nozzle free and I when I feed filament by hand it extrudes. 1. Just for information,what type of screw holds fan assembly on? Is that a torq or? 2. Now for the real problem. I installed a new Bowden tube I cut. Filament flows through it nicely. When it gets to the head it starts hiccuping. I assume tht it is getting hung up on the entrance to the white Teflon tube. How do I fix that or is the problem elsewhere? Thanks!
  9. I tried the atomic cleaning but I can't get a syringe into the orifice. I don't have 3d vision (ha ha but true) so that is almost impossible for me. Are there any other approaches? Can I take apart the head? If so where do I find detailed directions. Thanks!
  10. Thank you. I was able to remove the filament and it was heavily gouged. What I found was that after reinsertion i still get no material through the hot end. I se there is blue (the color PLA I am using) deposits on the end of the bowdon tube. Do i have a jam? How do I clear it in the easiest manner? THANKS!
  11. I have a new Ultimaker 2. i've made a few prints that worked well. I went away for a week after printing for the first time last weekend. I left the default blue PLA that came with the printer in place. When I came back and tried to print no plastic extruded. When I tried to change material the wheels turned but the filament didn't move. i assume these are linked problems. Help - what do i do?
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