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  1. Hi guys, I have a Ultimaker Original + Ulticontroller for sale. It served me well and it's coming with some additional filaments. It's without modifications and feels like new. You can find some of my works here in the forums: Dante and Teddy or here: Behance Ideally I'll only post within the UK (pickup is preferred), but let me know if someone from outside the UK is interested and we can negotiate. Thanks.
  2. Hi Blizz, I have a Dremel 8200 and use it with very low speed +SC511 Abrasive Buffs grit 180/280. You have to be careful even with these tools. Try to do a light sanding to remove some of the print lines or other defects and spray a few light layers of primer. After that you can be a bit more "agressive", at least with the Tamiya primer. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks mechaMecha, the usual sanding with a Dremel and it has a few layers of Tamiya grey primer on.
  4. Hey guys, cool stuff is happening here all the time. Check out my new projects I've been working on lately. I've passed my 3rd year at Ninja Theory and I've sculpted and printed a stylized Dante character. He's 16 cm tall and he's made up of 8 parts. The other little guy is still just a prototype, but will end up as a Wacom pen holder.
  5. Hi Jozef from a fellow hungarian in the UK!
  6. @pm_dude Sorry I forgot to add that, it's 3.5 cm tall. Might try to print the whole thing, but that's a big project.
  7. Had to break away from Olaf while I wait for the primer to arrive. I've done this model a while back for the game Might and Magic:Heroes 6. The model was not prepared from printing originally, so I've just cut the head and started to print. Still struggling with the settings a bit, but it feels good to hold it in my hands
  8. That's the plan, but it's a bit messy at the moment. I was trying out the different settings and cutting/pushing the model quite a lot. Will do a clean up and let you know.
  9. Olaf is taking shape. It's a temporary assembly and I may reprint the arms and the hair. Depends on how the sanding/priming will look at the end.
  10. Hello everyone. My very 1st test with the Ultimaker Original and also the very 1st post here. You can't avoid things like this if you have a daughter More images will come as I progress with the project.
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