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  1. my previous print was made on 50mm/s, first layer speed was 20mm/s, temperature i've tried were 210,220,230,240.

    It happens between layer 3 and layer 10, i've noticed it after 20 prints. So,its not depends on size of layers, it could be 0.2 layers or 0.1 layers, the same problem appears between the layer 3 and layer 10, I've never made modifications to the fans .Tension spirng on feeder was changed from biggest to smallest . Temperature doesnt changing when temperature fan starting to work on 100%


    Set the first layer speed to 20mm/s and overall speed near 50mm/s.

    lets first try common settings before trying to get to maximum speeds.

    Does it always happen on the 3rd or 6th layer?

    Regardless of the size of these layers?

    Or does it start to under extrude after a certain amount of filament?

    Try a temp of 220ºC with 50mm/s. It should work.

    Around the 3rd and 6th layers the fans come on, have you made any modifications to the fans?

    Can you see the temp drop when they turn on?

    Did you make any changes to the tension spring on the feeder?

    Thank you for your time,


  2. Here is my new print of cube, first 7-8 layers are good, others are all in holes...,and this happens whatever filament feed,tried different speed,different model,different layer size from 60 to 200 microns ,the filaments i use are from original website ultimaker store.Really ,now i dont know what to do with printer to make it print,cause i tried to reset feeder,tried to clean nozzle,attomic way , i used options "move filament", everything was going good, i reseted the level of platform for about 6 times :D i noticed 1 thing,when its going 7 layer, feeder making some noise,like going back and forward ,and after this all is ruined :D maybe motor is broken?



  3. My ultimaker 2, doesn't want to print as far as 7 layer... feeder is ok,nozzle is ok, i dont know what to do :) tried all temperatures, all speed and different models


    Note that this might damage your motor, as you are running it outside of specs. Which is also why the menu's don't allow for anything above 1300mA.

    Note that in our own tests we did not get any improvements with more motor power.

    (Disclaimer, bla bla. If you damage your motors due to messing with this it won't fall under warranty, bla bla, you'll understand)


  4. Hi,

    What's the brand of the filament? Is the diameter 2.85mm? If you have a caliper to measure it. 3mm and more filaments will cause underextrusion (that's what is happening).

    Except that you seem to have tested everything else... What is the printing speed? (in mm./s)


    Hi!, printing speed was from 10mm/s to 100mm/s which i was trying.... before that,everything was ok with the same fillament


  5. Hello, i have a problem with my ultimaker 2, when i starting to print, doest'n matter which options i choose 100micrones or 200 micrones or 60 micrones, printer starting to print well, but after 3-6 layer it starting to build something rough and porous...

    I tried different temperatures, 190-245, recallibrated platform, material is PLA. I Tried clean nozzle by atomic way, material is going well when i pushing it with hand,maybe something wrong with my feeder? 04f2fe3cd35c.jpg


  6. Hello, i have 1 question, PLA is going well on my printer, but i cant print with ABS filament, white and black ABS won't go from nozzle, on filament,there is written,that temperature must be 265 or more... but the maximum temperature on ultimaker 2 is 260, so its temperature problem or something wrong? PLA printing good, ABS not even goes from a nozzle, any advice?


  7. Hello, I have good news , 1 issue gone.

    So, here are my new prints.

    Temp - 190C

    Speed - 35mm/s

    Travel Speed - 200

    Retraction Speed - 35mm/s

    Retraction Travel - 5.5mm

    Minimal Extrusion Before Retraction - 0

    Melting on top of the model, gone!Yeaaayyyy :D!) But some issues left, I hope you have an advice.

    Thkick net of retraction almost gone between model parts.It is good, Melting also gone, but spiral line on first 3-10 layers still there.And first layers, printing incorrectly ,somewhere are missed material or a little holes..,Top of the model is pretty good, a little peace of PLA on top, was easy to remove.


    Next image is bottom of model.3-10 layers inside are wavy and dont look good.



    The other print, was made with other configurations. All was the same as first, except

    Print speed 20mm/s

    Fan 100% was turned on only from 3 mm.

    So, Wavy lines gone, but holes and artifacts on border of the model left.

    So i understand,that i should print only on speed 20mm/s to avoid wavy lines? :?:



  8. Hello everybody,

    I have problems with my ultimaker 2, its quality is very bad and i dont know,what should i do...

    If it will be easier to understand my problems,i could shoot a video of every configuration and printing process.

    Thanx alot, for support and help guys!!! many thanx!

    1 problem

    Material, blue,transparent,black PLA

    When print is almost finished, few 3d models, melting on its top, like an ice cream, I tried different temperatures, and its melting anyway, fan is on 100%, i tried different printing speed, the result was the same.

    here are images.





  9. So, I've made few tests, and here is result:

    1) i've turned off combing, and changed skirt on brim,so,.. nothing happened the same problemf87c6111b483.jpg

    2) second test was, to try rise travel speed, from 30 mm/s i checked 150 mm/s and it was much mo better, but anyway a liitle net between models left,but its not so critical. Is this a good result?It should be so?


    I hope you will have time to answer to my questions in my 2 posts, thanx a lot!


  10. so, I've made test print as you said. Here it is,it seems to be ok, or...? Thanx all you for advice! In internet, i first time see,so good,fast moderators ,who really helps! :!: :rolleyes:

    Cura is 14.06. There was different files of STL models not one file. Yea,speed of travel was 30 mm/s and print speed as well 30 mm/s

    On test print we can see speed 3 cubic mm/s and others.. 3 cubic mm/s - its 30 mm/s ?Or i am wrong?

    Other advices with thiknes of layer and combine and other options will try tomorrow.

    So,what do you think about my test print? and by the way, who can i know, is my calibration was made well ,or not? it there any tests to know this? Because in manyal there was written, there need to be a little bit resistance between paper and nozzle ,but how how strong it should be, there was no information not in internet not in manual.

    Thanx one more time!) I will send you Latvian beer :D for helping



  11. yea, your robot is good, much better than mine, yea, i had temperature 230 ,'cause on fillament there was written 260 or less, bed was 75C.What do you mean,that you don't reacommend, 0.06 layer will not rise quality of the print? i thought that if there are more layers,they rise detalisation,or i am wrong? Cause i used stratasys dimension 1200, there was 100microne layer, and it was ugly.

    What temp? Try 210C. If you were already on 210C, try 200C. Double check that the fans are actually working. If you want even better quality slow it to 20mm/sec but at 30mm/sec you should be able to do better than what I see in pictures.

    .1mm or .2mm per layer should not show much difference. I don't recommend .06mm layers - that might be your entire problem - but more likely it's temperature issue.

    Also bed should be at 50C to 60C. No hotter than 60C. No cooler than 40C or it might not stick.

    Also .8mm shell is probably best. But really most of your issues are probably temp and possibly layers too thin to do overhangs (not sure).

    Again - are you sure those fans are working? Often they get unplugged in shipping.

    It shouldn't be too hard to get quality like this:

  12. I was printing robot on expert mode, with 0.06 mm layer and it was solid, time for 1 layer 7 sec, speed was 30mm/s,fan was 100%, the quality didnt rise, it was as like on quick settings mode.So maybe you could advice any settings for printing High quality detailed small prints?


  13. Hello,

    I have question, i've printed 3 robots in different quality in quick settings, HQ,NQ,LQ;

    So on stomach ,robot has strokes, but my printer dont want to do them as other users have. What i need to do,to fix this issue? Temperature 235, speed 100%; 150 mm/s



  14. 1) Cant finish my prints because of a feeder, it rotates,but material wiped and don't go further. At first, i thought that not enough melting temperature and i've set PLA on 260,nothing happened, then i thought that calibration was made incorrect, tried to recalibrate , start of the print is ok, but on 70% of process material stuck(not always, 3 times of 5) And i understood that the problem is in a feeder, i configured screw to pressure more this material,but nothing happened. So how to solve this problem? Reprint diferent feeder? or..?

    2) I have lines between models, how could i remove them and correctly configure cura?



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