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  1. Hello all. Since the last firmware update on 6 june, pause at Z plugin works on my printer. Anyway I still have a big issue that I need to solve quickly. When it pauses I'm sometimes away from my machine. And it may stay paused for minutes or hours... When I come back and push the button to resume. The extruder/nozzle dos not flows directly a clean filament. The result is that it takes 2 to 3 layers, sometimes more to get a clean material. Hence, most of the time model seems like cutted in the middle.... I'm looking for a way to force the filament to be extruded for like 30s after the pause. As I am noob in GCode, I tried something that may seems hazardous to experimented persons : - created my object gcode(1) with a pause in the middle - created another gcode(2) of a very small object (like 2/3 layers) - removed some Gcode from(2) (profile at the end, M25 ) - copy pasted (2) inside (1) just after the pause (M0)... It works like shit... :cool: It seems like I really approach the solution because the machine : a. pause b. when I resume it start the second object c. and just after finishing the 2nd object, it finish my 1st one The big issue is, the material feeder is going crazy during b. and can't stop rotating (what grinds my filament...) :mrgreen: Any idea why this is happening ? Any idea on how to extrude for like 30 seconds just after the pause ? even if the extruder works away from the building plate and waste material "in the air" ? Thanks ! :ugeek:
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