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  1. hi guys these two plugs have worked themselve through the wires so I need to put replacments on. I need the names of pins that attach to end ends of the wires and the connectors, any ideas? Thanks in advance! Will
  2. I see the part is lifting off however this happens during the first part of the build and stabilises later on (within the first 30mm) All belts are properly tight.
  3. Hi Guys, My sometimes tempermental UM1 has been printing some 70mm high casings for the last two weeks, they are 24 hours prints. About 23 hours (at different heights, normalls around 63mm) into some of the prints the x stage moves and the print continues as normal but a random amount ofset, sometimes I manage to catch the problem and can manually more the printhead back to where it should be, I've tried all the belts, different versions of cura, different files, I'm stumped as to what might be causing this. Here's a video showing what happens and three prints I've managed to save. Cheers guys!
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