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  1. shell thickness : 0.8 mm ( thickness of the outside shell in the horizontal direction. this is used in combination with the nozzle size to define the number of perimeter lines and the thickness of those perimeter lines. can you guide me if the nozzle size is 0.4 then what should be the shell thickness which match the nozzle size and gives us a better print ..... so can you guide me how can i get the cura training manual ???????
  2. Hi, i made a model but there is alot of retraction like web in the model.. so i want to know how can get rid of this retraction. so can you guide me that retraction setting in um2 my printer settings are retraction length 4.51 mm retraction speed is 25 mm/s what should be the retraction length and retraction speed in um2 and cura. here are my cura settings regarding that model i printed this model in fast low quality basic settings are: layer height 0.1 shell thickness 0.8 retraction enabled bottom top thickness 0.6 fill density 20% print speed 50mm/s advanced settings are:
  3. locally purchased this material in filament shape.. very flexible and rubber like material .. at 240 to 260 it starts burning and smells really bad. at 210 it melts but doesnt extrude ..
  4. it is a flexible material. but it feeds well .. i think the problem is with temperature settings.. cannot figure out what is the suitable temp for it coz it isnt melting
  5. Hi has any one tried to print in polyurethane material with ultimaker2. I tried it but its not moving the material out of nozzle. can anyone help with the temperature settings?
  6. hi , I converted an stl file into dwg format through online autocad forum.. after conversion i opened the design into autocad .. but unable to make changes in the design .. guide me how i can make changes on that design.
  7. Hi, if i have an stl file so is it possible to get that file back in cad ? Thank You
  8. hi, i successfully created an stl file in 3ds max but cura is not uploading that file.
  9. hi, i am trying to design an architectural structure in cad. it save the path in dwg how can i convert it into stl file format. or should i just put in cura. i tried importing the file directly into cura but it doesn't read it.
  10. hi, I am trying to upload a picture in the post to show what problem my printer is causing during printing .. but I am unable to attach the picture with this post. how can I easily upload it with this post
  11. thanks i ll contact this guy..
  12. it is a picture of a person. and I want to put it on mobile covers and bracelets.
  13. hi, i need a designer for converting a jpg image to a 3d printable stl file. contact me on my email. techkosmos@gmail.com
  14. thanks for the help.. so what ever design i want to create .. I have to create it on CAD and any other program and then upload it with cura ... so that It can slice it and make it ready for the 3d printing ... did i get it right ? ..
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