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  1. OK got it, I thought so. I'm guessing that the "0,0" home position indicator (black crosshair symbol) will always be shown in the front left corner on the graphic display in Cura regardless of which side the printer will be set up on?
  2. Hi Folks - I have a Prusa I3 and have been using it with the front left corner as 0,0 which works great with Cura. I recently changed my X axis endstop to the opposite side and would like to change the machine settings accordingly so that my prints do not come out reversed or mirror image looking. Is there a way to do this effectively? The optional settings for 0,0 by default are the front left corner -or- center of the bed but no right corner option. Thanks! - JD
  3. Thanks! - I'm a devoted Chrome user. But i also would really like to share my stuff through Cura. I'm already a member on Youmagine - jdmech. Your link seemed to work. thanks again - cheers! - JD
  4. I keep getting a message saying I need an access token. Where do I locate the access token to cut and paste? Thanks - JD
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