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  1. Not with this batch. The filament has been rather consistent in the past. I will give that a try and get back to the board with a reply.
  2. Currently on my prints the fill payers on the top and bottom have too much material in them and they are forcing the PLA on those layers to push slightly beyond the edge limit of the model. It is slight but noticeable. (sorry no pictures as of yet) I did not want to change the "Infil overlap %" in expert settings because I am getting good results on all the other layers. With that said is there a way to control the the fill layer only with a setting that is like the "fill percentage" or "Initial layer line with %"?
  3. I went into the firmware and lowered the acceleration and jerk by half as sugested. This got me into the range where I can tweak it at a later moment in time and the bot is not shaking apart. Thanks for the help.
  4. Printer= Custom Mandel w/ Ramps 1.4 board that we have been using for about 18months w/ Slic3r 1.06 3d model= It has happened with all of them that I have attempted to print so far. Most have been test pieces for calibration We are currently printing from an SD card
  5. I have moved from slic3r to Cura as my main slicing/gcode software and have noticed a considerable amount of jerk in x,y & z movement. My print and movement speeds are 50&60 and I have a bit of custom code in the "start"/"end". Other than that everything is around the default settings. The movement is so strong that over time it is dislodging parts on the printer. Any suggestions?
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