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  1. That seems odd. Is there a reason why the extruder doesn't support a standard filament size? I don't mean to sound cynical but is this by any chance so that we are restricted to buy a specific brand of filament?
  2. I'm considering the Ultimaker 2 as my first printer purchase. After doing a fair amount of online research I recently visited some dealers who sell Makerbot and Flashforge printers. I don't have this luxury with the Ultimaker. When I spoke with these dealers (who were both hands-on people), they admitted that the latest printers from both companies don't do a very good job with printing ABS and didn't even want to show me ABS samples. I don't know if this is because of the machines inherently, or a lack of expertise on the part of the dealers. I kind of fell in love with ABS when I saw the output from the Up Plus 2, but this printer doesn't produce the output size i need. I would really prefer to work with ABS. So my questions are 1. Does the Ultimaker 2 print at a high standard in both ABS and PLA and which produces better results? 2. Are there any other materials (eg nylon or rubber type materials) where the Ultimaker has produced good results? 3. Does the fact that it uses 3mm filament have any disadvantages? (I ask because there seems to be a trend towards 1.75mm)
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