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  1. This has been a very frustrating process for me. We first received our Ultimaker 2 around March. It's made some fairly decent prints for us but has been out of commission for the past 2-3 months due to extrusion issues. The splined shaft that drives the filament has been skipping. As of today I cannot even load PLA(i.e. load it through the nozzle), it just skips. I can manually push PLA through the nozzle by hand but it is quite tough. I have reseated the Bowden using Illuminarti's method as well as tried adjusting the tensioner on the extruding motor. I have cleaned out the nozzle by heating it up to 230C pushing some PLA in and letting it cool to 60C, then removing the plug. I noticed some buildup so I did it 5 times until the buildup was gone but still can't load material. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you, Nick
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