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  1. Heat bed and glass is working a treat just thort id update you all and let you no thanks
  2. Already sorted it haha got two bits 4mm for £6 gbp Also sorted the clips just need to fit all togeather and print Will get some of that glue and give that a try aswell
  3. If I cant get borosilicate glass, what other one do I want
  4. Mainly pla but once i learned pla would like to move onto abs I will look into glass. Cant wait to try my 1st print on a heated bed tho. Thanks again
  5. Thanks. Whats the other manufacturer? I looked all over to try get info on this.
  6. Wanted to advoid useing glass if i could.
  7. Changed the resistor to the correct one all works Thank you lots Its off by 5c witch I can live with haha I even get to keep the transistor that came on the heated bed!! I do have a few more questions. My bed is aluminium do I use print direct onto that or use kapton tape? What temp should I heat my bed up to when using pla??
  8. HaHa thank you!! was a great day!! thanks for all the help on this forum you give me
  9. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/metal-film-06w-47k-ohm-resistor-m4k7 is this the correct one? Your so helpfull i think they gave me wroung one when i went. I will get more pics it seems i can post from my phone but not my laptop I think i grounded it out witch made the led light. I will buy a proper thermistor just wanted to make sure it all working
  10. I have a yellow/purple/black/sliver/brown resistor solderd at r4 is this correct? I went out and brought a 100k ohm bead thermistor to try but that didnt work eaither http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/100k-ohm-bead-thermistor-cr05f
  11. Sorry for the late reply got married the weekend But to answer some questions I tried a few from the dropdown list as I wasn't sure what temperature sensor I have. it was pre soldered on the board when I got it. its like a smd type and ment to be 100k. but any of the ones I tried from the list didn't make no difference. the resistance if I done it correctly is 582. also depending witch way I check the resistance one way makes the red led light up but no resistance.
  12. Yes at 1st it was cura :( abit of searching I found out it was bad idea, but since used the link you put and uploaded the correct firmware. The temp sensor doesn't read and room temperature. is this my problem???
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