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  1. Hi, Anon4321 Thanks for the link, the second page on the thread seems informative, but not entirely relevant. I'll try to check the tip on checking the microstepping voltage, but the info there seems incomplete to allow me to do so. As soon as I go back to the printer I'll check it. HB
  2. Hi, I've noticed my UM 1 is printing everything at (approximately) 50% of the height it should. I also located the thread: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/1042-first-print-problem-z-movement/ And checked my microstepping jumpers on the Z axis motor driver, they seem fine (I took them out and replaced them making sure that: MS1 and MS2 are closed and MS3 is open. Still my prints are "squashed" :-( I'm printing with the latest Cura 14.07 on a Mac, tested the Z movement with Cura and PrintRun and both move the Z axis bt 50% of what it should. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks! HB
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