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  1. Hi there. I have an Original (non-plus with a 3rd-party heated-bed), and am now needing to do a series of prints where a second head for PVA support is the only real option. That said, since the "official" kit has been discontinued for a while, I thought I'd ask what current options I might want to pursue? I've looked on Amazon and EBAY, and while there are a number of people selling extruder, hot-end and nozzle part upgrades for UM2 and later, I haven't come across one expressly for the UM-Original. I am willing to purchase an upgrade or OEM-replacement fo
  2. While the Raspberry Pi lacks the processing power of your typical pc, its hardware-accelerated OpenGL does appear to be sufficient-enough to run a plausibly adequate implementation of Cura. The sticking-point is that GUI part of its Linux-Debian distribution doesn't like OpenGL (without Wayland; which is another topic altogether), making any windowed OpenGL application is nearly impossible to implement in its current state. One possible work-around, would be if Cura could be written to render to an dynamic HTML-5 panel, and displayed through an html-5 compatible browser (in beta last I check
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