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  1. Sorry for the late response, but the problem is solved now. The electronics were damaged which caused some interference. We replaced the motherboard, and we are printing without problems now.
  2. Hello guys, Thanks for the answers! The short belts are tight and pulleys on the motor shafts are tight aswell. I have put a mark on those pulleys/shafts aswell so i can see it when they have moved. The X and Y axis are square to each other. I can move the head by hand when powered off without too much resistance. I did lubcriate the axis a bit with some sewing machine oil, but that didn't make any difference. I will try Didier's solution to re-route the wires from the end stops to prevent an cross-talk.
  3. - I tightened the pulleys and checked all the belts (added marks on the pulleys and axes to confirm they don't move). - Tried different versions of the firmware. Do you guys got any idea what else I can try?
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