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  1. I live in Ontario. What is your best offer. I will do a bank transfer.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Where did you buy your UM from? What were the costs?
  3. Has any one thought of a nozzle made of stainles steel.
  4. Great to Here!! I will be buying one in March after tax deadline (cashing a bit of my rsp ). air2gnd
  5. Thanks for the info. TinyDancer. I think I will go that way. Did you have any setup problems? If so, who did you get parts from? How was the service? air2gnd
  6. Hi Tiny Dancer. What was the total cost to import from Dynamism? Thanks air2gnd
  7. Hi pm_dude. Has any one in the Toronto area ordered a um2 from this company? If so, what was the cost (including shipping, duty and hst). Iam looking to buy in early Feb. Thanks air2gnd
  8. Saw the info on the new Ultimaker 2 Extended!!!! It looks impressive. Looking to buy one this year. Buy Ultimaker 2 or wait for the Extended? Your thoughts. Thanks
  9. Where in Mississauga live? I live near 401 and Erin Mills. Thanks for you reply.
  10. I am looking to see and hear from Ultimaker users in the Toronto area. What was the cost to bring to Canada? Any service problem? Where is your source of filament.? Thanks
  11. How can I use 1.75 mm or 3 mm filaments ? What hardware is required?
  12. I am new to 3d printing. My son has the printer and i want to expand my services. Just as I thought. I will have to make the parts as individual, then reassemble them. I am checking it for accuracy. Thanks I will update on progress
  13. Thanks for the info. Pic uploaded. see gallery Also should have said .2 instead of .02 mm
  14. Thanks, I will rebuild the parts with .02 mm gap. I am new to this forum. How do I insert an image of this asssembly?
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