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  1. Are you saying you can boot from the USB port on the front? Where did you download the firmware file from?
  2. It's getting worked out, I'm in an email thread with Valcrow at the moment.
  3. I've sent an email to UM support, I'll send an email to shop3d too.
  4. Yeah, I've left it on for an hour waiting for something to happen. It's just the fan noise and then nothing.
  5. I don't think I fully clarified this, but the machine doesn't turn on at all. There isn't a menu to restore from. Any other ideas? I'm still stuck, and I don't think support will get back to me until Monday (which feels so far away). Thanks for sticking with me on this!
  6. That was one of my first thoughts, but the UM3 doesn't have a USB B port. How would I even flash the firmware? I think I also read you can't use the thumb drive to flash firmware.
  7. Yesterday, I got my UM3, and after I set the machine up I saw that there was a firmware update that the machine could install by itself. The UI was rather sluggish, so I decided to let it update to see if it helped. I came back later to see that the screen had gone black, and the print cores were glowing as if they were in a cooling cycle. After an hour, I realized that waiting wouldn't do any good, so I rebooted the machine, and everything was fine - It installed a motion control package and then went back to normal. Satisfied, I turned off the machine and went to bed. I turned the power swit
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