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  1. mainly larger objects as you have said, i just wanted to know the extent of its abilities
  2. Might the Ultimaker 2 manage to print figures at moderate details of small size such as the D&D figures you described.
  3. Hello. So currently i am looking for a printer such as the Ultimaker 2 and i am wondering if its a good purchase at this time. I know that technology evolves fast and i don't want to spend a whole ton of cash at something that will be outdated in the next few months. So may the ultimaker 2 be a good purchase at the moment or should i wait for technology to develop and look at printers later on? Or should i get the printer now? Thank you for any responses. oh and as well i do know the dual extruder is coming out in the year of 2015 and will that be something to pick up if i have bought my Ultimaker 2.
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