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  1. Tried my hand at some copperfill. I was surprised how easy it was to print with default PLA settings at 40mm/s and 0.1mm height. Only used some steelwool for the finish.
  2. Shipping was just one day! Got it on the 16 December and even managed to print out some christmas presents If you got the same lead time as I had, your printer should have been shipped two days ago. Add two days for the christmas holidays and it might even be today
  3. Great news! My Ultimaker 2 was shipped about 30 minutes ago! That means the lead time (calculated from the "payment received" day) is at 3.5 weeks for shipments in europe. @Arnold: Yes, Ultimaker had my money for one month and from my todays financial situation I would have probably chosen the ultimaker original. That's why I felt a bit disappointed about the missing communication as well. Especially an more accurate update about the lead time would have been great. For that exact reason I created this thread so I can finaly give this update, saying that the lead time is at 3.5 weeks right now. Greetings Alex EDIT: Concerning my earlier problem with editing my posts: You can only edit the posts after you have clicked the link in the validation-email. For some reason I missed that mail.
  4. Just as an update (editing seems not to be an option?): My "sales" Ticket was answered on the 28. November (took 4 days). Looks a lot like a copy-paste answer (sorry if I am wrong). ---- It seems that either the lead time is going down or there is indeed a difference in the leadtime between Europe and North America: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/8612-super-random-delivery-dates-in-canada/ If there is any status between "Ready" and "Shipped" it would be great to know where my Ultimaker 2 is at the moment Order: R467431621 Greetings Alex
  5. What you are looking for can be found in the terms of service: https://www.ultimaker.com/spree/uploads/203/original/terms-of-service.pdf
  6. Whoops, I found the "Lead Time" information on the shop page https://www.ultimaker.com/products/ultimaker-2 Quite small, but it is there.
  7. Hello everyone Like many other people in this forum i recently ordered my Ultimaker 2 and am waiting for the delivery. I can only hope that it will not take the full 4-6 Weeks... So just for future reference I will keep track of the order process in this thread: Ultimaker 2 ordered from Germany. Order date: 11/17/2014 Paid: 11/18 (Money arrived on 11/20) First ticket because I screwed up my email address in my first order: 11/19 12:02 PM -> 1:28 PM Answered after just 1 1/2 hours(!!!) and the problem was solved really quick. I had created a new account with my real email address and the order was connected to the new account. Thanks for the great and fast support At that point I received the order confirmation mail which said At that point I had already read the FAQ and found out about the estimated 4-6 Weeks lead time. So who should I trust? As many people already pointed out, during the order and on the ultimaker homepage the long delivery time is mentioned nowhere. The only information you get about the delivery time is in the confirmation mail. So is that information wrong? What I would be really interested to know is if there is currently a difference between the US and EU delivery time. The FAQ doesn't differ between those. That is why my hopes for the 5 days are still up Second Ticket asking for the current lead time for my order. 11/24 3:35 PM As there are a few projects involving several other people that are basically waiting for the UM2 to arrive, it would be great to be able to plan ahead. So even if the delivery time will be 4 Weeks, I would at least like to know the estimated date to be able to plan ahead. As I am used to delivery times of 1-2 Weeks I did not plan to wait for over a month, so some rescheduling has to be done :wacko: Sadly that second ticket was not answered yet. (last update 11/25 8PM) ---- As I said in the beginning, I don't want to rush anything or anyone. I just like the idea of sharing our experiences, now that the delivery time seems to change every few days. Greetings from Dortmund in Germany Alex
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