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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the new part arrived, and it is installed and working well. Again, thank you for the awesome customer service dudes!
  2. Hi guys, I'm sorry about the delay in updating, I had a hellacious week at work and didn't have the time to do it. I got it tore apart, and sure enough it's the part selected that doesn't work. It will rotate, but not click. Does that mean I have to get a whole new board, or just that part? I have zero soldering experience, so any advice? Edit: It says I'm not allowed to post a Photobucket picture here? If I can't post the pic, it's the same exact part that Cor3ys showed in his pic. Thanks!
  3. Whoa, a 1 year warranty now? I got mine delivered November 7th, 2014. Only opened the box like 2 weeks ago, was remodeling the office, didn't want it to get contaminated with dust and stuff.
  4. No, the physical click to select the files. It feels "mushy". No sound either, but I attributed that to the wheel not pushing in.
  5. Has anyone heard of the selector wheel on their UM2 breaking? I can't find anything on the forums about it. My wheel turns, the display rotates from print to materials to maintainance, but the wheel doesn't "Click" to select. I've tried to cycle power, unplug/replug power supply, but did not tear it apart yet. I've only had it for a few months, only printed maybe 6 things. I was just about ready to start my home-based business with this. It's not even listed in the "spare parts" on the main page. How do I get a replacement? It is 3 weeks out of warranty.
  6. Thank you for the help! I just want to be prepared for when I crack open this box. I'm trying to start a small business, and I don't want ticked off customers while I wait for parts and supplies. :???:
  7. Hey all! I'm brand new to both this forum and to 3D printing. I'm a real n00b, but I'm learning fast. I just received my UM2, and before I start in on printing, I need a list of everything I need to maintain it. Basically, I need: 1) What is the best material/item to put on the print bed for excellent adhesion/curl up prevention? Can I use blue painter's tape? Vaseline? I have no idea... 2) I read some threads about cleaning nozzles. What do I need for that? Just a pin? What tool do I use to remove the nozzle? I'm using PLA for now. 3) What chemicals do I need? So far I need acetone for noz
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