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  1. The camera setup is completely outside the printer- just looks close because of the fisheye, but I did reposition to get a closer look from above at the right back corner. Travel speed is set to 150 in cura- I haven't messed with it, should I try lowering it? When turned off I could move the head around with my hand in all directions. But since I have not oiled it in its first 500 hours of use (the rods always felt like they had a little lubricant on them still) I tried cleaning the rods and a very light coating of fresh oil and noticed the the effort to move the head in both directions was significantly lessened. So far I have printed a couple smaller prints without the shift and the printing overall is much quieter. Am going to retry so larger prints that were inducing this shift later this week.
  2. Hello, Having increased frequency of intermittent shifting in x-axis. What hasn't helped so far: Tightened all the set screws to the pulleys including the ones attaching gear to stepper motors Checked tensions on all belts including short belts. Marked the pulleys and rod locations with ink, have not identified any slippage at marks after multiple shifts. Removed a piece of the LED lighting with adhesive failure causing it to drop into the pulleys. Slowed down the prints, reduced acceleration to 1500. Here is a video of such a slip occurring- http://vimeo.com/114431802 at the 10 second mark, a sound is heard but I can't locate where the issue is. Head does not seem to be snagging on anything raised in the piece. Occurs with a variety of print settings- this particular occurrence one was PLA 200C, 0.1 mm layers, 35mm/sec with 70mm/sec infill. Any ideas? Jeff
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