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  1. Is it possible to have various density infill settings on different parts of the same layer? lets assume you were printing a tea cup standing vertical.. can you specify say a 90% infill on the teacup handle and a 30% infill on the rest of the teacup body? does any software allow you to do this?
  2. you think ColorFabb XT will replace ABS ? I wonder if the Ninjaflex will weld to the XT like ABS does?
  3. has anybody seen the new Artifex 2 DUO machine.. it comes ready to go with dual extruders and looks very impressive with doing flexible filaments. http://www.3dmakerworld.com/artifex2/gallery
  4. If anybody wants to try a dual extrusion hybrid print with Ninjaflex+ABS or Ninjaflex+PETG I can upload a file, let me know. Would be interesting to see how Cura handles it.
  5. haha, thanks guys! I saw that youtube video with David Braam - That is one smart guy! is he on these forums? would like to extend a thank you for his hard work (although I've not used Cura yet, from my research it appears for doing multi-material dual extrusion parts Cura is the best slicer to use. Still trying to decide on a machine, thinking I need direct drive extruders for ninjaflex though? on another point, is there really anything so magical happening in Simplify3D in terms of their slicing engine and algos that justify it's price? I know they have some really nice things for su
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