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  1. First of all, congratulations to Valcrow, 3DofTom, Trobok, Flowalistik and pigpastique Will we be able see their progress right here in this post or they'll do it in a private post? I would like to follow their progress, and of course, in the end, see the work of the winner.
  2. @SandervG posted yesterday : "we will try to select those who enter the second phase and communicate them by the end of today, or else tomorrow." So I guess: 1-They've already communicated to those who entered the second phase and neither you nor I are one of them. 2-We've to wait until tomorrow.
  3. May the best win! Good luck to everybody =D
  4. Actually, 3D printers can print that and more detailed objects. It depends on the 3D printer
  5. Well, here is my idea. Using the objects for storage. These are some of the sketches in my mind. First, space theme. Why cant we store some candies, like M&Ms, into the Rocket, UFO or meteor? Second, the owl and the birdhouse. A nice place to store jewels, and why not, to convert a wristwatch to a wall clock. The owl's eyes is a perfect place to put rings Third, the city theme. Ohh, a catastrophe. Don't worry, we still can use these wagons to store some crayons. I hope you like my sketches, and would be pretty nice some feedback. Thanks and good luck!
  6. Let me know if I understood it. First we send you 8 images before January 14th. Then you select 3 guys who improve their own work before February 10th. And finally, one of them finish his job. On Jan 15th we know who are the three guys and on Feb 11th we know who is #1, #2, and #3. It's all right?
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