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  1. Finally got time to replace them and it seems to have fixed it! I canceled a print and the head returned home! Thanks for the help on this. I definitely understand more about how it all works now. Thanks again everyone! Chris
  2. I submitted a ticket and have made some progress. I think it was http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/user/341-illuminarti/%20that%20has%20been%20helping%20me%20so%20thanks! All of these problems started when my bowden tube melted as a result of a clogged nozzle. I opened the box that had the melted tube and ground mess of filament. When I took this off the filament feeder motor came loose (clunked down to the glass!). After I cleaned up the box and put it back together, from the back of the machine, I apparently clamped the wires for the stop switches between the motor and machine wall. I will be splicing this and testing the fix as soon as possible!
  3. Once it stopped working I flashed the firmware using cura a number of times, it seems to have no affect.
  4. Thanks, I sent an email to the address on the US support site you suggested. The only updates I have done to the firmware is clicking the "Install default firmware" in cura. The machine shows as an Ultimaker2 in the machine settings. But it is VERY strange that the "Home head" function moves away from the back left corner. Maybe the firmware is for an original instead of um2?
  5. Thanks for the very detailed response! Should the homing routine move to a corner when it is pressed no matter where it is or will I have to keep hitting it. It does always move when i hit the "Home head" menu item. It moves a little in both x and y. But it moves away from the endstop switches. Is this what it is supposed to do?
  6. YEah there is definitely still a problem. My print worked but the print head did not return to the back left corner as it used to. Looks like I still have more work to do. Not sure how to proceed.
  7. The home head function from the menu just nudges the print head to the right and to the front a little bit. I can definitely move the print head when its turned off and when I move to the back left corner I hear both stop switches click. I can also see where they are pressed in. You are correct about the home of the UM2, when I do the homing command (G28 I think it was) while the print head is in the back left. The printer reports x0,y230, when I move the print head using pronterface to the front left the printer reports x0,y0. So that seems to be ok. I guess I don't understand what the "Home head" function is supposed to do. It seems pretty useles to me but then I only used it once it was not working correctly.
  8. It seems my problem is fixed. I think I was over thinking it. Apparently all I had to do is turn it off, move the print head to the back left corner and turn it on. Ive done this a few times in the past day but this time it seems to have worked. After clearing a clogged nozzle and fixing some ground filament it seems to be successfully printing now! I'm still concerned about the belt shavings and I ended up having to cut 50mm or so of my bowden tube. Hopefully that will be ok.
  9. Thanks for the reply! The machine menu "Home head" seems to just move it forward and right a little over and over. I have done that quite a few times with no improvement. I started playing around with pronterface and sending G28 followed by M114 and the G28 command has some effect. If I move the head manually to the back left of the machine then send G28, the M114 command shows x0.0 y230 z230. I don't know if this is correct or not. Once that is done I have been moving the head in pronterface to the other side of X and Y and in both cases the print head slams into the glass. Once again I dont know if that is ok. Today I noticed some black dust that I suspect is fragments of the gantry belts. I will try to attach a picture. Is there anything else I can try?
  10. I have tried searching this forum for a similar problem but I was unable to find something. Please forgive me if this is a common problem or already answered. I had some stuck filament and while trying to remove the stuck filament I decided to shut off my printer. When I turned it back on it seemed to have no idea where the print head was or should be. I found a post that talks about disconnecting the x stop on the circuit board and moving the print head with pronterface. I have tried this and I guess I was unsuccessful because I don't fully understand what I am exactly supposed to be doing. The Home head function seems to move the print head diagonally every time I press it. In pronterface the movement seems to be reversed. When I tell it to home the print head, it moves the head to the front right corner and it slams into the side of the printer making a nice loud throbbing sound. It seems to have scratched the glass with the fans in the process. I am currently at the point where I have a completely unusable printer and im not sure what to do next. I can post pictures videos or whatever else is needed please let me know what sort of thing is relevant. Please help!
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