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  1. Yes have used in reprap mode as no changed as before. Previous version i work for 2 years stop to give the bed and temp info, so after I changed to new version but same. Have also done complete checking of computer to find if some problems coming from here too. Don't find problem.
  2. Last 14.12.1 Have removed all other version as i think some problems between them. Not specialist. If you have the info to change the start g.code will follow your tips. Don't understand why before Ok. I download new version but the previous version I have worked for long time have done the same problems. New version 14.12.1 give same pb. Thanks.
  3. Hello Daid, have got till 2 days problem with using Cura. Use Cura for lnear 2 years on my own printer. All works great. Temp parameter created by Cura on gcode file give perfect printing on printer in the past. Till 2 days with stl download parts from imagine, thingiverse or design created and transformed in stl, i get sometimes on printer lcd screen , no temp bed (0°C) and extruder value (0°C), so can't print. I use Cura gcode download on sd card directly. Get sometimes the bed temp only(70°C or other temp i decide) and no extruder temp (0°C), so as i can adjust the temp on lcd screen f
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