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  1. Mine arrived last Friday via DHL from Europe. The box was a little worse for wear but the printer was just fine. I should note that I never did receive a tracking number. Anyway, I've printed a ton of stuff and it does a great job. Nice work Ultimaker! Now, please please get better at your logistics.. you're not doing the product right by having such a poor order and logistics tracking management process. A simple order queue that sends automated status messages at regular intervals or similar might just do the trick to keep people informed.
  2. Mine seemingly has shipped.. I got the "offered today to our carrier.." mystery message a couple days ago. No tracking numbers or anything. It hasn't appeared yet & I don't quite know what to expect. Hopefully it will materialize soon. Ultimaker is just remarkably bad at this logistics stuff. As in crazy bad! I'm not sure it could get much worse! Hopefully they get it sorted soon else they'll get eaten alive when a bigger player comes along with a dialed in process or, I guess, any process at all.
  3. Congrats! What carrier was used and where did they actually ship from -- US or international?
  4. Yeeaahh that wouldn't be the best idea. So, what do you know, an odd little email appeared from ultimaker a wee bit ago that says my order is 'offered today to the carrier'. Presumably this means it's being given to UPS. huzzah! Now just hoping it ships from USA so any international related delays can be avoided!
  5. Really? cool... I've been very concerned. Looking forward to it. Thanks.
  6. Hey SandervG... well, I'm at or passed this lead time and nobody seems to have an update for me either. It seems like mine could be lost as well. I've been posting on the forum for an update for awhile now also without any feedback -- I'm guessing your internal guys are not replying to you either? Could these orders really be lost? It was charged to my card 8 weeks ago ... Order #151761
  7. I'm still hopeful for an update on mine, 151761, as well.
  8. Congrats! Had you ordered on the UM main website or directly from the U.S. somehow?
  9. Yes UPS my choice is great! UPS does well around here, FedEx on the other hand.. And especially on Fridays.. Anyway, congrats on that news. When did you place your order and was it direct via the UM site?
  10. Thanks! And about the tracking number - that's kinda important for me too so I can be sure to be home. The way it usually works here is delivery for fun stuff like this ends up being a Friday. Delivery van shows up but nobody is home (most of us have day jobs) and instead of leaving it at the house, they leave a call tag that says they couldn't deliver since nobody was home. Now my new toy sits at their warehouse, which is only 10 blocks away, for the whole weekend! Nothing is more frustrating than that when you're waiting for something fun like an Ultimaker!
  11. Hey guys - Can you check on my order 151761. Ordered via the ultimaker website, shipping to USA. Thanks
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