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  1. Thanks for sharing 3Dw! Just a little update. I've sent models to 3Dwhoopee, Jeroen, and swordriff and I'm currently working on models for VISU-AL and Shurik.
  2. Hello everyone! Sorry to leave you guys hanging, but I'll be sending out more renders/final models to you all very soon. I expect to get a lot done this weekend. Sorry about the wait!
  3. Ha I could probably do your cat. It'd be a little while though before I can get to it
  4. I use ZBrush to sculpt these. It's a really great program!
  5. Also, that's pretty cool pm_dude! Did you convert the images into height information? The way I make my digital bas reliefs is by taking either a male or female base mesh, sculpting it roughly to appear like the subject. After that I pose it, squash it down, and then sculpt and refine it from there and take out undercuts. It takes some time but it's pretty fun to do!
  6. Hey guys, I've gotten everyone's images besides VISU-AL's so far! Things have been pretty busy with work but I'll be able to really get going on these this weekend. Do you all mind if I post renders in this thread or do you want renders sent exclusively in private through email?
  7. Hello swordriff! Glad to hear it. Just email me your desired photo of choice
  8. Okay great! You can PM or email me the photo that you want modeled.
  9. Hello all! I'm a sculptor and 3d digital artist who sculpts bas reliefs (among other things). I've been curious about doing them digitally and 3d printing them and wanted to see if home desktop 3d printers, particularly the Ultimaker 2, were up to the task. So here's the deal: If you have an Ultimaker 2 and want a bas relief print of you or someone/something you like, send me a picture and I'll model it and send you the file to print yourself! All I ask is that you send me some decent pictures of the model after you've printed it so that I can see the outcome. Generally these reliefs are aro
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