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  1. Sorry for the slow reply guys! :( Been snowed under with uni work! I changed the filament from the white pla that came with the machine to the other white pla I had bought, and results seemed to improve massively. I've been using the factory default highest setting in dura, with changing the initial layer to 0.2. All was well until today, where I'm back to poor quality. I used mesh mixer to create the stalk supports, but even these seem furry and well, rubbish. Considering its in highest quality mode I'm panicking! Am I doing something obviously wrong? Ive levelled the bed several times using the paper method, so it just slides under the nozzle, and cleaned it aswell. I had been getting some good results (the ultimaker robot came out ace compared to previous), I just don't know how to improve / fix this issue. Ive got about 4/5 weeks of constant printing to do, and getting very anxious atm. Any help / advice / suggestions would be extremely grateful Thanks Sam (highest Q setting :( :/ )
  2. Did a test print of a hub nut (simple), and the larger scale works ok, but the finer detail looks poor. This using the settings suggested above. Changed the PLA to the white I bought separately, then Im going to reprint the model
  3. Thanks Daid It's the PLA that came with the machine, I have also bought other white PLA, so will change that now and see if it makes a difference.
  4. I've just tried the settings above and I'm getting this result? I really wanted an ultra fine finish, as per the skull sample on the main page! Sorry if the questions sound stupid, but I don't know what Im doing wrong aha Thanks Sam
  5. Thanks for the reply! I've attached some images below. The first model i've tried to make is of a tyre, which has lots of detail. The resolution of the ulti print seems to be poor, the pla was squirting out of the nozzle before the program even started to run, is this normal? As you can see, the quality does not look like a 'fine' resolution I was hoping for, I will try the settings above! Thanks Sam
  6. Hi All, I have just bought an Ultimaker 2 for my final year uni work, and im struggling to get an decent quality resolution from my files, being loose and 'runny' such to speak, using the finest high quality setting on Cura. I've done a search about setting, but being new to 3d printing im getting confused, what would be a good starting point for a high level, high quality print. I don't mind the time period if it meant a good quality outcome. Im starting to panic now, any help to try get my models to a much better quality would be greatly appreciated. Im using standard PLA, with the latest Cura software, on the highest setting. Exported my files as an stl from solidworks, then into meshlab to scale them (1/10 car components), then into Cura. Is there something else I should be doing? Uni aren't helpful with this information and im feeling rather lost! any settings to use perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sam
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