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  1. This wasn't a case of the PTFE 'degrading' from use, it was a result of a poor PTFE coupler from the start, the day I got my printer it never worked, until I replaced the PTFE coupler. All good now! Keukpa
  2. Thanks for the input guys, see my new post: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17016-its-all-in-the-ptfe-coupler This has solved ALL my problems! Cheers, Keukpa
  3. OK, (Stick with it, it ends well!) So I've had my Ultimaker 2 for about 6 months now, and I've never really been that happy with it. Skipping on extrusion, so I make it hotter, stringing on extrusion, so I make it cooler, skipping, and on and on.... Then I kind of get this sorted and the next problem is that after a successful print, in order to be able to print again, I need to remove the filament and CLEAR the entire hot end, which means taking it apart.... about 50% of prints would fail 1/2 way through.... not going good, my other printers are far better, yet I've seen people print with
  4. Hi All, I'm having some issues with my UM2. The problem is with the printer doing a rather large retraction at the end of the print. I understand 'why' this happens, but is there a way to disable it as it's causing serious issues. Basically a the end of the print the UM2 does a large retraction and pulls the filament a fair way back, as this cools and when I come to do the next print (say the following day) the printer can't get the filament to get back in the hot end and as such I need to remove it all and manually re-feed it. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Keukpa
  5. Thanks for all your help with this.... I've looked at that part, and there IS a lip inside, I've used a hand drill to remove it, and now it is very smooth, I will rebuild the hot end and see how I get on.... I will report back here, thanks again! Keukpa
  6. OK, I'll give that a go, I guess I can get new ones direct from Ultimaker?? Thanks for your help! Is this the part I need? - http://3dgbire.com/collections/spare-parts/products/ultimaker-2-ptfe-coupler Keukpa
  7. Thanks for this, I've tried the 'Move Material' and it comes out of the feeder and down the tube with a LOT of force, so I guess it is something on the hot end side.... Any further tips / ideas?? Thanks! Keukpa
  8. I'll check the Teflon spacer and see how it looks. I've cleaned (using cold pull) the hot end and yes, comes out clean. How can I check the feeder? What would I need to look for? Thanks, Keukpa
  9. I've tried that, they aren't very tight. It still skips backwards. I've taken the bowden tube off and manually tried to push the filament through, there seems to be a fair bit of friction.... how can I reduce this? Keukpa
  10. Printer is about 6 months old. I've not tried ABS yet, just PLA. Using Cura, nozzle size is 0.4mm, layer height, I've tried 0.1, 0.06, 0.15 and 0.2 Yes, nozzle gets hot, at 230C it starts dripping a lot. Keukpa
  11. OK, I'm getting totally fed up of trying to fix this problem, it seems that ALL the failures with my prints are down to the extruder motor skipping backwards, this is causing under extrusion, failed layers, and first layers not sticking to the bed. I've tried LOADS of solutions and none of them work, I've tried cleaning the head using the atomic method, and printing at higher temperatures, if I print at a much high temperature this helps but then causes all sorts of other problems. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me here.... I'm printing in PLA (faberdasherry and Ultimaker) @ 210C
  12. Thanks for the tips DidierKlein, I tried the 'atomic' method and managed to remove the bits of plastic, however, my extruder motor is still skipping backwards....how do I solve this? Printing PLA @ 240C stops it, but this drastically increases stringing.... Do I 'tighten' the extruder motor grip to stop this? Currently it's a 'lose' as possible. Regards, Keukpa
  13. I've been having some problems with my Ultimaker 2 still, I'm trying to stick with this printer and get it working, I've had some good successful prints, and some not so.... I have a few issues and hope people can provide some tips... 1) I've head people saying to put the filament on the floor....what does this do? Do you remove it from the spool? Or just put the spool on the floor? 2) My feeder keeps skipping, this happens when the printer is about the start printing, and happens a lot meaning the start of the print has no material...and it happens in places throughout the print. How can I
  14. But doesn't ABS print at about 260C anyway? So I'm not overly fussed, I might buy a stock of spare parts anyways just so I have them....so long as it's printing, I'm happy Keukpa
  15. Hi gr5, Thanks for the tips, so I'm getting sooooooo much better prints now, this is what I've done (some photos attached).... 1) I started the print, and adjusted the screws on the bed for parts where the feeder motor would skip, this reduced the skipping but didn't stop it.... 2) So it got to the part of the print where it kept failing, so I went into the Tune menu and upped the temperature, I changed it from 210 to 240 and now it doesn't skip at all and the prints are looking sooo much better!! Some pics attached! Cheers, Keukpa Showing distance of head from bed Failin
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