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  1. Hey - yeah thanks for the help. I did start the thread assuming I needed help with the surface quality - but then it turned into an under extrusion thread! The blue cube as you rightly said is showing no signs of under extrusion, so the nozzle was clearly the culprit of that. I have since printed out two of the belt tensioners found on Thinigiverse and my surface finish has returned to the good old days of straight as an arrow. (well, certainly within acceptable range!) As the quality has improved with the belt tensioners, can I assume that I need to replace them / all to get rid of all s
  2. Printed at 20mms at 200 0.2mm layer height
  3. I have had some prints come out OK with the woodfill, I guess this time round it put up a good fight! Certainly experienced the chewing gum you described! I checked the printer stats and its on 800 hrs print time. Also, the left most belt, driving the y axis is a bit slack compared to the others. Will tension and report back.
  4. I spent today cleaning the hot end, there was a lot of grotty filament in there - presumably from woodfill. The filament was really jammed in there, and wouldn't get anything through. A video of the Ultimaker bed being a bit....wobbly image here I just have another print on at the moment - simple tube models. This one isn't as bad, as it was from some time ago, also the material hides it quite a bit
  5. OK, will print that when I can / print an object hot and slow. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  6. Hi all, Maybe you can help me. Over the past few weeks / month our U2 has lost its mojo, and prints are looking pretty poor quality :( I got a print done on a friends U2 and it was flawless, which makes me think mine has been on a downward path for a while now. Well, I cannot accept it anymore! I used grease and all axis move freely, and the z axis the same. no dry spots, I can move the head around freely with a few finders, and the bed simply up and down with two hands! My belts don't appear to be any looser or worn than those on the other (newer) machine I tried today. I did think
  7. Cool OK, will do! Yes I wondered why I couldn't click on yours, or anyone else's name for that matter!! Very draconian forum rules eh!
  8. Gr5, you make some good points, but also, will Ultimaker still be around in 10 years time?! Anyway, that link works for me and isn't supposed to enforce people to log on - so sorry about that - I couldn't see to add an image during a post so I gave up. Yellow Shark, I live in Bournemouth, what are the chances eh?!
  9. Hi all, Thanks for your suggestions. the larger nozzle looks interesting - but maybe save the hacking around for another day I bit the bullet and printed them, at their respective super long print times! image here... http://1drv.ms/1O8LDkY two more to go!
  10. Thanks for the help! Very useful comments! Might try turning it upside down.. I did have to rotate the part 15 degrees and it fit. Not tried the other ones though, will have a look at that now..:s
  11. Hi guys, Loving the hardware so far, lots of good models off this thing! I have the Ultimaker 2, and have a project of 4 vases / pots. Can any of you veterans spare the time to look over the file and possibly suggest a way to reduce the amount of print time? The 'normal' settings are estimated at 70hrs!! Link to file: http://1drv.ms/1HOokc5 Thanks : )
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