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  1. Hi I know this is a long shot but I am from the uk and live in the southwest of England and I am after a ultimaker, i do own a self built prusa i3 but i want a much sturdier printer, i own a shapeoko 2 80% complete has motors belts need another pulley controller and spindle to finish it of and cable the item not with motor cost me £300 from america Also with the swap will be a 450 quadcopter diatone white sheep a a black sheep clone comes with everthing but a camera, it uses a naza lite flight controller which is calibrated through software from their website dji, it has lipos the flight
  2. im only building the frame and the rest will be printed parts and a aluminium bed carriage like the heated bed upgrade. My question is what size of birch plywood will i need to just cut the 6mm frame parts?
  3. Hi i am looking to get hold of some ultimaker original panels if anyone has a contact or something for me able to get hold of the set at the end of the month would be much appreciative thanks chris
  4. any information how it went as im changing my printer from a i3 to a ultimaker well im going too take my electronics and motors of and use it on the ultimaker my question is what size of heatbed fits in a ultimaker
  5. Thankyou well I am going to use ramps as inm taking all the useful parts of my prusa i3 I built for the build as I am after a stable frame work printer
  6. Hi I'm considering a ultimaker and wanted to know is the ultramaker 2 opensource so I can source the parts myself and get the panels cut by myself I currently have a self build prusa i3 and want a more stable printer could anyone point me in the right direction to achieve my goal thanks
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