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  1. I have installed the firmware from Cura, but I still have the same problem. One thing I noticed was that I had to bump up the E-steps to twice the value. The motor I use is 0.9°, so I'm thinking that it stalls because the movement during load/unload is too fast for a motor which is supposed to be 1.8°. Oh well I guess I will have to load manually as always :(
  2. Where might one find this firmware? I havn't been able to flash via Cura yet, so I am hoping there is a download somewhere.
  3. This sound much like the problem I had recently. After a completed print the filament would get stuck and I had to take out the PFA tube and cut off the end of the filament to a taper and reinsert the tube back. After a while it got tiring, so I replaced the PTFE coupler. It fixed the problem. Cutting open the old PTFE coupler revealed that it had formed a cavity which allowed the filament to expand, and thus get stuck in the PFA tube.
  4. The firmware is this one: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin I didn't find any guide to modify E-steps to fit UM2+, so I had to adjust it by trial and error. The knurled wheel seems okay, it is not an issue of slippage but more that the motors are alternating between slow/fast and making weird Star Wars noices. I am convinced it is a matter of the firmware, perhaps it has to do with maximal speed/acceleration of the E-stepper not being changed. Does anyone have the value of these? In the meantime I will have a go at adjusting those.
  5. After installing the extruder upgrade for my UM2 the filament change hasn't been working properly: Everything else works flawlessly, I have updated the E steps in firmware but otherwise nothing.
  6. I have installed the new extruder and set the E-steps. It works fine, but the material change seems weird in that the loading and unloading are really slow and makes some 'laser shooter' noises from the stepper motors. Any ideas?
  7. I saw a Chinese online store selling the small gear in the UM2+ extruder made out of brass. I was wondering if anyone with mechanical knowledge could see actual benefit of replacing the small plastic gear with one made in brass? To me it seems like it would just wear out the big gear faster, but on the other hand perhaps it would be more benefitial to increase the lifetime and durability of the small gear. Yay/nay? - Droopas
  8. That must be why they started shipping new Ultimakers with ferrite cores. Hmm... Time to find some ferrite.
  9. So it seems I am not alone about this. Does anyone know what this is caused by? - Electromagnetic interference? Bad connections? Bugs in firmware?
  10. Yes, I forgot to write it happens on UM2.
  11. Has anyone experienced the content on the LCD jumping 1 pixel to the right every once in a while? I have noticed while I use it that it occationally happens, perhaps once every minute or two ut only when servicing the printer. - Droopas
  12. Awesome, thanks a bunch meduza Are you using Blender to check the CAD files?
  13. I'm trying to self source an Ultimaker2 Extended. The motor specified on github has a 380mm trapezoidal threaded rod in extension of the motor. The longest my supplier has is 360mm. Could someone with a Ultimaker2 Extended confirm that the last 2 cm won't be a problem? Would seriously suck to have my Z axis fall off on me - Droopas
  14. Seems the Ultipanel was designed for Ultimaker not a RAMPS 1.4 board. However the smaller dimension compared to the RepRapDiscount LCD allows it to be used in a tighter space, though this is not significant in most cases. That said, in my case I need to use the Ultipanel (read: I found a sweet case that I want to use). I thought setting it up in Marlin would be straightforward, however if I used the #define Ultipanel, the display would beep and flash, and I think the code was intended for Ultimaker electronics. How I got it (mostly) working: defining it as a RepRapDiscount controller got me
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