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  1. Another 3D printed clock

    This was the first clock I printed. The designer is Christoph Laimer, aka 'The Goofy' who published it on Thingiverse a while ago.
    A much more forgiving design than his pocket watch. I used a 1.3Kg block of wood as the weight and it runs for several hours. On this build, I eventually re-designed some of the gears in Sketchup in order to get tighter tolerances, mainly on the co-axial hours-minutes-seconds gears. The frame is held by M3 bolts and the pins were stainless steel. However, brass would have been a much better material to work with.
    The key to get it working is to make sure the anchor and escape wheel have very low friction. All the hands were supposed to be yellow but I had to re-print them and had run out.


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  2. A printed clock

    Christoph Laimer posted his clock on Thingiverse a few weeks ago and I eventually decided to have a go at it. A superb design and it actually works, ( although the Swiss watch making industry isn't going to be worried yet    .
    It's really a sophisticated design that does need some care in preparing the prints, especially when drilling out the holes. Printed on a UM2 running on default settings. Had to buy a set of micro drills specially for the job, ( about £12 on Ebay for a set of 150 drills ). Typically, for the 2mm pins I drilled the holes out to 2.1mm and got a nice sliding fit. The pins are brass rods from a model shop on Bay. Used Faberdashery Arctic White for the body, blue for the gears and translucent for the main spring. I used the translucent because I thought the plain PLA would be stronger than any of the colours.
    Don't forget that Christoph Laimer, ( who designed the clock ) is Swiss. I suspect they start clock making in Switzerland around the age of 5.  :-)


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