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  1. Talking about Youtube, my channels views-count from embedded players on ultimaker.com might give you some idea of how much value was lost when all old threads were corrupted: EDIT: Updated with a more recent picture At least posting photos and editing posts works
  2. I finally had to give up my attempts to reset the password and do as Dim3nsioner :-) I would strongly suggest Ultimaker, as many of the other heavy users here does, to step back a few steps and reopen the old forum. Then you should set up some proper internal meetings, possibly hire an expert to sort out internal conflicts and help focusing Ultimaker on future goals. The person who designed this forum, and the person who took the decision to put it online should be moved to other positions in Ultimaker in my opinion. I can not recall that I have seen anything as badly handled as this in my rather extensive history on various forums the past 15 years. When I recommend people to buy and Ultimaker my two main points are that it is common and that it has a great user community. I do not point at it's great printing quality anymore as the competitors has caught up or are even ahead. I think Ultimaker are not even close to realizing the value of the community and all the information in the old threads and how volatile this might be. Lots of nice and clever people spend an awful lot of time here for free just to help others, which creates a nice experience around Ultimaker. Most 3D-printer manufacturers could only dream of having this kind of community and Ultimaker for sure is playing with fire right now. I am probably moving on if the forum does not get back to something like it was before. There is a demand for good discussion 3d-printing discussion boards and I am sure someone will step in unless Ultimaker does something drastic. So please Ultimaker, step back a few steps, get back the old forum, take your time sorting out internal conflicts and strategy, then take your summer vacation and postpone any updated forums until autumn!
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