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  1. just booked my hotel, i'll be there around 17h30, just bought a raptor kit aswell from 3D universe and gonna start printing my parts for the raptor reloaded tonight! I hope everything will be done in time, I noticed this event pretty late but I've been wanting to be able to make prostetics from the moment I got my ultimaker See you there!
  2. hey i'm coming all the way from Belgium, do I need to register somewhere? Kind regards
  3. Its printing again! hip hurray!! I guess i should keep ABS for later time to start tinkering with PLA again and start on that prostetic finger for one of my friends, Thank you all for the fast responses and guidance in what i already knew sorry.
  4. Hi I've been reading non stop the last weeks about ultimaker, found most problem solving strategies already, just did the atomic method, and loaded new spool of PLA again to start with the simpler stuff instead of ABS, trying to make a print now
  5. Maybe i didnt spool it long enough, when about 2 cm's came out i was like . Ok this looks white instead of silver, this looks ok ... And i tried a test print.
  6. Yes it might be a bit confusing, let me explain a bit further. So i received my ultimaker a week ago. I loaded the standard silver PLA. I printed some maker bots, a rose and it all went pretty well quality wise i was very happy. So i decided to try and move on to something more serious, i tried changing the PLA spool to white ABS but when it reversed the motor to retract the spool it did not move at all. The silver PLA spool was stuck. So i had to dissassemble the head and loosen the white cable so i got manually retract the spool. After this i say change material -> ABS -> load material -> I insert material. After waiting untill the spool reaches the head some brown sugary PLA left overs dripped out of the head. Some burned plastic in other words. Then the new white spool reached the nozzle and white plastic came out. At this moment i clicked Continue since the plastic was exiting the nozzle. Then i tried printing a makerbot and several things happened. 1) It starts to prints and i see little white dot on the nozzle and some plastic comes out, the nozzle is also correctly heated so there's no problem there, but when it starts printing the plastic is just not coming out fast enough? Not even sticking to the platform, there like 2 mm at the nozzle but thats about it and nothing more happens, I think their might be PLA leftovers in the nozzle or something --> i will try atomic method in 1 houre when i reach my home. I hope this clarifies a bit
  7. Thank you for the fast response! I'm gonna try the atomic method as soon as i get home i'll post feedback here
  8. Hi all I just bought an Ultimaker 2, i've printed about 3 small objects, 2 maker bots, 1 little rose for mothers day. and already problems... You can all probably understand me that i dont want any problems after 2 days after paying about 2500 euro for the total package... I started with silver PLA and now changed to white ABS. My spool was stuck at first, i had to open the entire print head to retract the PLA spool manually, after about 3 houres off googling and watching video's and dissassembling my machine i got it out. I inserted my white ABS, let it run through and a tiny bit came out of the head ( before some of yellow like burned plastic came out ). So after in totall 4 - 5 houres of tinkering i thought i was finished. I tried printing a small makerbot and no plastic is coming out. Although i see that the motor is running and i see the spool going in. Its weird because the plastic exitted the head and when i try to print, nothing comes out of the nozzle. I'm gonna try the atomic method tonight because i'm thinking my nozzle might be clogged. Any tips on how to solve or what else to try ? And above all, how I can avoid all this trouble because really... Paying 2500 euro and having problems after 2 days... I'm not a fan of this at all... I hope ultimaker gives me good support because i'm really afraid of doing something wrong and having the chance that ultimaker says you tinkered with it yourself, gone is your standard garantie of 1 year and gone is my 2500 euro...
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