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  1. I re-added the image. The external image embed doesn't like google photos it seems.

    > Can you use less infill? Or go into the advanced settings and increase the layer height?

    I can, but I wanted this part to be stronger. I've used this infill amount before. Maybe I'm crazy but I could swear the infill is 'thicker' with UM3 rather than just more lines.

    R/e glue same here, but my first layer was perfect in this case. It was the higher ups which went to pot.

  2. I've recently upgraded from 2+ to 3 and for my first print I decided to make use of the PVA for supports. I used the filament that came with the UM.

    I have ran calibration.

    This was what I woke up too (I aborted):


    Also surprised by the times. I've printed parts this large before and the most they have taken is around 14 hours. This quoted 42h on the machine.

    Settings: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/7o8zg32be0a6u84/2016-11-10%20at%2010.04.png

    Model: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7543934/gun_bodyFront.stl



  3. Hi everyone

    Having a major issue with a new UM2 (I am new to 3d printing). I've mad a few "successful" (but poor quality prints) and results seem to have been getting worse.

    I'm using grey PLA which came with it, with settings:


    1. 220 Temp
    2. 45 Bed with glue
    3. ~30-50 speed
    4. 1.2 shell thickness
    5. 0.12 layer height
    6. 12% densisty


    The model I'm printing is: http://cl.ly/413q0J24332M I have no issues with it sticking to the bed with the above settings.

    Around 20 mins in, I notice the flow just stops and the printer continues merrily along without printing anything so I have to abort.

    I've already tried changing nozzles, cleaning the 2nd nozzle with the atomic technique (its clear - I can see through it), tweaking the extruder bolt.

    Is the machine faulty?

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