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  1. K I think I got it...I just push until it runs into the nylon? white part and can go no farther. Why is there no d'oh emoticon? Cheers - S
  2. I tugged a bit too hard as well I am sure. Now...how far do I push it back in to replace it? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Good morning everyone, I recently purchased an UM2 extended for my school, and have made a lot of successful prints. I use only pla filament from 3D universe (3D universe brand, and colorfabb). Over the last couple of weeks, it seems like I am having feeder issues. The feeder accepts the filament, loads the filament, but when it actually starts a print nothing comes out, and the bowden tube actually seems to "buck" a bit and make a strange loud click. I have looked and quite a few times I have noticed the feeder can grind into the filament, and I have had to tug hard during a material change to pull out the filament. I have tried helping overcome any friction by hand guiding the filament at the start of a print, even giving it a light push. No go. I have learned and executed my first atomic pull, just in case (and now don't know how to replace the bowden tube, because I am not sure how far it goes back in.) Can you folks please look at the pictures I have supplied for clues. I have tried looking through the forums, but most answers are incomplete for a new user like myself. Any help and advice is appreciated, including how far to replace the bowden tube. Note - back fan seems to be running fine. Cheers, Shari
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